Saturday, August 16, 2014

Welcome to Grade 1/ 2

Wednesday November 30, 2016

What a great first day in 1/2T!  It was so nice to finally meet the class.  We read the story 'First Day Jitters' and learned that 'jitters' are a feeling that people have when they are nervous.  To calm our jitters, we made JITTER JUICE.  We used three ingredients: Orange Juice, Apple Juice and Cranberry Juice.   The combination of all three did not make a very appealing colour of juice but it tasted GREAT!  During math, we collected information if students liked Jitter Juice.  During our data collection, we found that 13 people liked Jitter Juice and 4 people did not like Jitter Juice.  Students then had to think of three ingredients that they would have chosen to make their own version of Jitter Juice.   Ask your son or daughter what the three ingredients they picked.  Some were quite interesting!  Below you can click on the book to hear the story we read today.

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